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1- Telegram

Bored of using Whats-app ? Or you Just want to try out a new messaging app? Telegram Messenger is the best alternative for you. Free, cloud supported and secure cross-platform, Telegram is the next best to Whats app. You can send messages, Files, Photos and Videos to People who are in your phone contacts. You can create Telegram group for up to 200 people as well.


Color creates an instant subconscious judgment. Our minds are inherently programmed to respond to color. They shape our thoughts and emotions. Every color and every shade creates associations and has a personality surrounding it. According to studies, color affects more than mood-it has the ability to change our buying habits. Color can invoke as much as an 80 % change in motivation when it comes to online shopping, advertising, and marketing campaigns.


More than a simple design trend, responsive is a set of modern tools and techniques aiming to rearrange the way information is displayed depending on the device capacities.
HD wide, tiny low res, landscape, portrait… designers can’t rely on one unique layout anymore.
The key is in the response: get information’s about the device, react, and display an adapted version of the layout.

what-is-difference-between-http-https Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a protocol used in networking. When you type any web address like( in your web browser, its act as a client, and the computer having the requested information acts as a Server. When client requests for any information from the server. The server responds back to the client after the request completes. The response comes in the form of web page which you see just after typing the web address and press Enter


Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a best available tool for downloading files from internet. It increase download speeds by up to 5 times. Resume and schedule downloads are really useful options in IDM. User friendly interface and light weight makes IDM unique among other download managers. Unfortunately, IDM is not free and they offer only 30 days free trial on their official website, although to use full version you have to pay some money. Many IDM users face following Popups of Fake serial key when they uninstall or use available cracks/patches on internet.

LinkedIn has long been the most business-oriented social network website launched on May 5, 2003. Originally prejudice towards professional job seekers, it has developed substantially over the last couple of years and is actually undergoing a wave of changes slanted towards helping it not just compete with Facebook and Twitter or any other social media network– but carry more weight.